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St Thomas' Church, Mossley

St Thomas' Church, Mossley

St. Thomas' is a dual purpose building, dedicated in 1959. It comprises a main entrance, a large hall with a semi-octagonal chancel, a vestry, toilets, kitchen and stores, a stage and a meeting room. It is the only large meeting hall for local community groups, such as scouts and guides, 60+ group, who use the building on a regular basis, and also accommodates a range of activities, such as kick boxing, zumba and salsa. The Reverend Carlton Turner, Team Vicar, recently launched an appeal to raise in excess of ?3,153 by October 2012, to qualify for a grant to replace aging doors and windows. Any excess monies raised will be used to improve access and facilities in order to comply with legal requirements. This work will ensure that the building continues to provide a safe and secure venue for the local community for the foreseeable future. A number of events are planned to support the appeal, as well as supporting the local community. Please see attached information for more details.

6, Cresswell Crescent Mossley,




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